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Household furniture

  • We manufacture high-quality custom furniture and doors for your home.

  • Design and production: To flats, apartments and houses we produce and supply custom-designed furniture

  • Kitchen: Kitchen cabinets, islands, bar counters, dining tables, chairs, benches and showcases.

  • Bedrooms: Beds, bedside tables, podiums, wardrobes, dressers and dressing rooms.

  • Children's furniture: Children's beds, desks, shelves and cabinets.

  • Living rooms: Bookcases, bars, curio cabinets, coffee tables and TV stands.

  • Bathroom furniture: Bathroom cabinets and washbasin cabinets in various sizes.

  • Halls: Lockers, dressing rooms, built-in wardrobes, hangers, shoe racks, benches and tables.

  • Doors: We produce also entrance doors to flats and houses, interior doors, door frames, sliding doors, sliding walls and dividing walls of any size and design.

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