Restaurant furniture
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Restaurant furniture

  • Manufacturing: Furniture for restaurants, bars and cafes we produce according to the project, architectural studies, or the investor.

  • Materials: Restaurant furniture we produce from materials such as solid wood, veneer, laminate, plywood, MDF, HPL and other materials and high quality furniture fittings. For finishing the furniture, we use lacquers, stains, natural waxes and oils.

  • Equipment: We provide installation of electrical appliances and furniture, we can equip to meet all the demands of use for its function.

  • Transportation and installation: Just like our made to measure furniture, transportation and professional installation are parts of our services.

  • Design: For our customers in the HORECA segment, we offer all architectural services and interior design.

  • Crafts: In cooperation with our reliable partners, we provide construction, flooring and other craft work.

  • Trash: Retired furniture of your restaurant, bar or hotel furniture we can dismantle and take care of its disposal.