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Custom furniture

We offer complex services for furnishing houses, residential and commercial interiors, restaurants, hotels and other accommodating facilities. Each customer requires an individual approach and tailored services. Therefore, we design and manufacture custom-made furniture, so that it perfectly fulfills its purpose. Together we will create an optimal interior solution and help you with the selection of appropriate materials and equipment for production of the furniture with respect to its performance, high quality, design and affordable price. We supply custom furniture and custom doors to Prague and the whole Czech Republic. Custom indoor furniture in specific or non-standard dimensions, we also produce according to supplied documentation, architectural studies, or visualization. Furniture made from a wide range of modern and traditional materials, the required dimensions, modern design and high quality finishes. Production of furniture is ongoing under strict technological standards. Our production include all household furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, furniture for guest houses and apartments, restaurant furniture, bars, counters, cabinets, racks and other retail furniture. We also manufacture interior doors, exterior doors and frames.

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