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Bar Furniture

  • Production: Reception, bars and bar tables for restaurants, cocktail bars, cafes, hotels and homes we produce in a modern design with high quality finishes. We always strive to achieve a good balance between quality and price.

  • Materials: We produce bars from the wide range of modern and traditional materials such as solid wood, veneer, laminate, plywood, MDF, HPL, cut and lacquered steel, tempered glass and more. To finish, we use environmentally friendly paints, waxes and oils.

  • Bar tops: Bar boards we produce from solid wood, laminates, tempered glass, natural granite or synthetic stone.

  • Facilities: Bars we equip electrical appliances. To a bar restaurants, hotels and households, we also supplied all the chairs.

  • Design: For those interested, we are able to create the design of the bar or the whole  bar interior, restaurant or other culinary establishments.

  • Transportation and installation: Just like our made to measure furniture to our services, the transportation, installation and professional installation is offered. We produce bar counters for customers from Prague and the whole Czech Republic.

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