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  • We provide a range of services that can help facilitate the selection and acquisition of furniture more enjoyable:

  • Personal consultations: Make an appointment with our specialist who will help you define your needs and find the best solution. We will help you resolve everything so that you avoid unnecessary mistakes and investments.

  • Interior design: We offer comprehensive architectural services, project documentation, design and 3D visualization of interiors.

  • Transportation and assembly: Just like the production of furniture, belongs to our service also transportation and professional assembly and installation of furniture and doors.

  • The conditions: Like a propositions of the furniture, we can adapt as business conditions to suit your specific requirements.

  • Express delivery: In a hurry? We will do everything possible to get your furniture out in time. Please contact us as soon as possible.

  • Warranty: Our products provide a guarantee period of 24 months and guarantee corrections of a defects within two weeks.

  • Disposal: Do not know what to do with retired furniture? We arrange the dismantling and the liquidation.


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